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It reads, in part:. The judge found the thumbprint on this form to be a consent. A consent by a mother who could write no English and, on any view of the evidence, could speak little. This was a consent by a mother who had never travelled beyond the lands of her clan. Peter Gunner was sexually assaulted by Mr Constable, the person charged with the responsibility of caring for young boys at this institution.

The evidence disclosed Mr Constable as a serial sexual assaulter. His conduct was appalling. Peter Gunner had never spoken of the incident with Mr Constable until a short time before the trial. The trial judge heard from Mr Constable at the trial. The trial judge found that Mr Constable partook in perverted behaviour amounting to sexual misconduct. For Peter Gunner, removal at seven years of age meant that he never partook of the necessary ceremonies, never learned the knowledge necessary to be properly accepted as a man within his clan, as his brothers and cousins were and are accepted.

He lost his language. He lost contact with his mother. In relation to injury, the thrust of the Commonwealth case was that both applicants suffered no injury — that they were in fact spinning a tale, were in effect malingerers after compensation. These assertions were rejected by the trial judge. The trial judge recognised the loss of land and cited a passage from Professor Stanner, a famous Australian anthropologist, to demonstrate that loss:.

Lorna Cubillo and Peter Gunner were taken from families that loved and cared for them. The family kin system, I should emphasise, is an extended system where uncles are also fathers and aunts also mothers. Why were these children removed from their families? Because of policy. The policy of child removal in the Northern Territory.

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The policy is best reflected in the legislation — the Aboriginal Ordinances. There is no equivalent legislation in the Commonwealth statute books. To illustrate this point I refer to some of those powers contained in the legislation:. The legislation provided that a senior public servant was the legal guardian of every Aboriginal child.

Children could be legally wrenched from families. Aboriginal people were treated as less than human. This is not the Stolen Generation — these are the Stolen Generations. The impact of these policies is felt generation after generation by Aboriginal children.

Every Aboriginal community has been affected. By , a patrol officer had complained of the distressing scenes associated with removal of children. Although each applicant was found to have met the threshold test for the exercise of discretion to extend time, that discretion was not exercised in their favour.

How a City Stole My Heart and Never Gave it Back

The reason given by the trial judge: the effluxion of time had so prejudiced the defence of the Commonwealth that it could not obtain a fair trial. If these types of claims are to succeed in the courtroom, legislative changes to the Northern Territory Limitation Act are required. Estimates of the costs of the Cubillo and Gunner litigation vary. It is clear from parliamentary questions that the Commonwealth spent massively. I am confident that if this sort of money had been devoted to a Reparations Tribunal in that the process of healing, together with the issue of compensation, would have been enormously advanced.

The Catholic Church in Victoria has established a commission to compensate those abused by clergy. Whilst the scheme is not without its faults, it at least provides a basis for people to be compensated, avoiding costly litigation and legal issues such as a limitations defence. Many of those claiming under the scheme were children when abused decades ago. Surely this nation has the capacity and the heart to act in a similar way to those who, by dent of government policy, were withdrawn from family and community.

Australians, particularly our Prime Minister, have a penchant for remembering Australian history that involves war. Of course we are right to remember this history even though this war is now almost years old. But are we as a country only able to identify in our history what we consider to be noble and valiant? Are we not diminished as a nation if we cannot recognise the hurt and suffering that has been caused by our government to our Indigenous people, particularly the issue of removal of children. I remember the outrage in Australia at a report that history texts for Japanese schoolchildren had effectively re-written the history of the Second World War.

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Find song by lyrics Page 4 Looking for a song you heard, but don't know the name? Anonymous 30 October Reply Name of this song? Lebethu 30 October Reply name of the song is -You make me feel, not clear about the artist i think is Buskas the song went to say you add it on Anonymous 31 October Reply I just head this song in a football video.

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