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They were both so well-liked and such nice people. These days, the Lewis stable looks much different. Gone are the days when multi-million dollar colts are knocked down to the Lewises at the yearling sales, and show up in the Classics two years later for trainers like Baffert and D. Wayne Lukas. Grace, class and loyalty remain prominent as ever.

At 27, Serena’s Song Still Hits All the Right Notes

When Bob Lewis died, his son Jeff stepped up to help his mother, Beverly, run the stable. I just had this feeling about her. For her to do what she did as a racehorse, she had the ability, she had the genetic blood being by Rahy and the family. As a matter of fact, we sold several of his mares for a lot of money at the top of the market.

He wanted to take those funds and put them back in and see if he could win the Kentucky Derby again.


Perhaps, in a way, Bandoroff and Lewis have been given a chance to rewrite history. Holly and I were young and I think they saw something in us that reminded them of themselves.

Pink Floyd – Time Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

They made a big difference. Racing in the Street song meanings. Add your thoughts 30 Comments. General Comment this song is about how going to a job that you hate, affects your life. The imagery in this song is unreal. Especially when he talks about his girlfriend. He comes home and his girlfriend is essentially dying inside.

She's crying. The house is dark. Its almost like these two have given up on life. For Bruce the only salvation is racing in the street. Work is hell, and then the only saving grace is him washing up and racing.

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  3. The Queen and horse race manager Lord Porchester were 'just good friends, nothing more'?
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This song describes something that is familiar to Bruce, as many songs in his catalogue deal with it. People who are desperate to change, to leave, to get out. The feeling you are going to die if you dont. No Replies Log in to reply.

Kentucky Oaks 145 Post-Race News Conference Transcript

There was an error. General Comment Magic Rat definitely got the point I bet, with thatnickname!

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  • Aidan O'Brien eyeing Curragh targets for Anthony Van Dyck and Pink Dogwood.
  • General Comment I think this song is a Metaphor for people who find a passion in there lives and make something of themselves. He seems to be speaking about how some people seem to just exist but not 'live', as if dying little by little.

    Truex Victorious in Kentucky

    The whole 'some guys come home' part I think is speaking of how some people found a passion and know that dreams are what make life tolerable. And they chase them dreams.. I love this song and saw it in Milwaukee at the Harley Fest.. He played for 10 minutes and it was the most beautiful and haunting 10 minutes of my young adult life I'm Bravo Bruce, a true inspiration.

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    4. Closing day with tricky conditions and short course racing.
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    6. Nana, Vol. 19.

    Worry and fear has consumed her. She stays faithful to him even though it causes her to hate her life. At long last he sees what he is doing, and resolves to leave it all behind. His girl and himself are off to start again, build a new life, and hopefully one with no temptations from fellow drivers. Temptations that might drag them both down.


    A song of how narrow focused passion can destroy the ones you love, but how a realisation of this can bring redemption and a new life. A recurring Bruce theme General Comment It seems like this great tune has the classic Springsteen themes of the albums of the late 70's to early 80's. Despair and what one feels in terms of emotional pain. This guy races in the street, he meets the girl but soon both their lives are shit. Although it seems as though his life was shit before he meets her, seems like he uses racing in the street as a getaway from a bad job, life, etc.

    Near the end it seems as though he realizes the state his life is in, as he comes home to a girlfriend who cries herself to sleep, a dark house, a strained relationship. They go and "Wash these sins off of our hands" however at the end he says the highway's bright, and Summer's here and its time to go racing in the street.

    This shows common character confusion we see in other songs like Hungry Heart and Stolen Car. General Comment This great song is about dreams, faith and despair, but also about love and hope. It is about living a life. My Interpretation I think if the lyrics are wrong as in my other post and it is talking about "me and my partners son, we built her straight out of scratch", then the "little girl" he drove that little girl away" from her old boyfriend at a time that she was excited by drag racing.

    So it's not Sonny that that's the girlfriend cos the next line says "he". So he does racing to get away from the everyday boredom of his life.

    She used to enjoy it but she just sit around being miserable on her own now, while her son from the previous partner goes out with her partner drag racing.