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Had any adult visited a gaming room at a convention, they would have immediately recognized that those fears were unfounded. So when parents attend a convention with their children, they can see the comics, animation, shows and movies that their kids love. They can meet the creators and understand their work better. Those are memories you can share for life.

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A: There have always been families at convention, but those numbers have steadily increased over the last decade. I think convention culture evolved as collectors aged. The fans who attended conventions in the s and s grew up, had families and wanted to share those passions with their kids and loved ones. Then, comic book properties were adapted into successful TV and film franchises, which created more fans. Q: Has the entertainment industry changed the culture of Comic-Con for the better?

A: I think the entertainment industry has helped mainstream Comic-Con and other fan conventions, making it more common and socially acceptable for fans to admit that they enjoy these stories and characters. Q: How family-friendly is the convention? A: Comic-Con in San Diego is a very family-friendly event, with a lot of programming geared toward young attendees. For especially young kids, it might be good for them to understand that this is a place for fun and fantasy.

Q: What character is your all-time favorite and why?

Comic-Con Party Preview: Your Guide to San Diego (Updating)

To me, this trio represents the ideals of heroism: humanity overcoming adversity Batman , acting with our best intensions Superman and embracing hope for the future Wonder Woman. Q: Can you share a favorite memory? A: When I brought my niece to the convention for the first time. She got to meet him and get his autograph. It made her entire year, and I was able to experience Comic-Con all over again through her eyes. Read more. San Diego Family Magazine Logo. After all the hours of prep work that go into Thanksgiving dinner, it seems as if it's gobbled up in no time flat. What to do next? Here are ideas for the family to enjoy.

San Diego's Map of Christmas Lights presented by San Diego Family Grab a comfy sweater and a cup of hot cocoa and take the whole family to see San Diego's awesome holiday light displays! Still looking for November events? See our. The writer and creator later announced the news, revealing that the fourth series would be Stargirl , whose title character would go on the hunt for answers as to the whereabouts of the Justice Society of America. A lot of fans were in attendance for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars anniversary panel, which celebrated the start of the series 10 years ago.

While most fans just wanted to share their love of the series, it's safe to say that no one expected Lucasfilm to announce that the beloved animated show was coming back with new episodes.

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Grant Morrison is a fan-favorite writer who was penned some truly iconic stories for DC Comics. But for quite a few years now, the scribe has been focusing on his own personal projects. While he came back to co-write a tie-in issue of the Dark Nights: Metal event, fans were wondering if the writer would come back full time. The writer is known for his epic, cosmic and enthralling stories, and to many, Green Lantern seems like a natural fit that no one saw coming. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a fan-favorite show beloved by many.

Although the television series ended, it continued on in comic book form for a long time. But now, it's actually coming back to television, and no one expected such news to come out of Comic-Con International. The new Buffy series is meant to be a reboot, albeit one that will still be executive produced by the original's creator, Joss Whedon.

This new version is set to feature an African American lead, and it will be shopped around to cable and streaming services. An actress has not been cast in the role yet, but that announcement could come any day now. With his unique design, his frightening demeanor and his ravenous Robins, the character proved so popular that he managed to stick around after the event concluded.

On top of that, it was announced during SDCC that the character will star in his own series courtesy of writer Scott Snyder and artist Jock, who previously worked together on an iconic Detective Comic s run. For this miniseries, The Batman Who Laughs is also said to be gaining a new sidekick that is described as a Punisher version of Batman. Although the announcement didn't confirm which character she was playing at the time, it was widely assumed that she would be the new main villain of the series. However, no one expected her to play Typhoid Mary.

Typhoid Mary is a big character in the Daredevil comics, and her inclusion in the Defenders world is definitely noteworthy. We don't yet know if that means Matt Murdock will appear on the series, but it's definitely a possibility. One of the things that fans love most about Warner Bros. Throughout the years, the studio has delivered many beloved animated films based on some of the most popular storylines from DC's comics, on top of some original movies here and there.

This is why Warner Bros.

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  8. The Batman story by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee is a modern classic that managed to feature almost all of the Dark Knight's villains in one sprawling mystery epic, and its bound to make for an exciting film. There was a lot of hype surrounding Warner Bros.

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    The film is one that is highly-anticipated, and the trailer has been a long time coming. But perhaps no one expected the movie to look as colorful, exciting and epic as what was presented.

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    The trailer showcased the scope of the film, and teased a sci-fi fantasy movie that just happens to feature superheroes and take place mostly underwater. Krypton may not be the most advertised of DC's live action series, but it's definitely once of its best. After seeing characters such as General Zod and Adam Strange, Krypton is now set to introduce another fan-favorite character in its second season: the Main Man himself, Lobo. The character rides a space-motorcycle as he travels the cosmos collecting bounties, and he has a colorful personality that will make him quite an addition to the series.

    Fans in attendance got to see this longer version of the film, which featured more jokes, more surprises and more teases to the future. While the footage seen hasn't been released yet, word has come out of the screening that the Wolverine mid-credits scene is actually longer in the film, and that it teases Hugh Jackman's potential return as Wolverine.

    In the scene, it's said that Deadpool tells Jackman's character to accept his invitation to join X-Force — and we sure hope he will. The CW's Supergirl made history at Comic-Con International by announcing that Season 4 of the Melissa Benoist-fronted series was set to introduce television's first trans superhero.

    It was confirmed that Nicole Mains would be joining the cast this season as the newest employee of CatCo. However, the character is also destined to become the hero known as Dreamer, who just so happens to be a member of the Legion of Superheroes. Given that the Legion had a large role to play in Supergirl 's Season 3, it's likely that Mains' character will not only embrace her destiny as a hero but also join the Legion in some capacity.

    While Marvel released an official trailer for Season 2 of Netflix's Iron Fist , the trailer itself was quite brief, and didn't feature much in the way of footage. During the panel presentation of the show however, lucky fans in attendance got to see many exclusive scenes from the series.

    Word came out from the panel that one of these scenes actually featured Danny and Davos fighting in a flashback on K'un-Lun, where they were wearing the iconic Iron Fist mask. This isn't exactly a confirmation that Danny Rand will wear the classic Iron Fist costume in the season, but it's certainly a hint that it could happen.

    However, we do know that a certain Autobot is making at least a cameo appearance in the film. During the movie's presentation at SDCC, various scenes of the film were shown; one in particular was said to feature a cameo from Optimus Prime, who appeared via hologram.

    San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog

    Apparently, fans in attendance were able to confirm that the Autobot leader looked very much like his '80s, G1 self. We've seen time travel, alternate realities and dimensions, classic villains like the Reverse-Flash and the Rogues, and many fellow speedsters like Jesse Quick and Jay Garrick.

    But after four seasons, there was still something iconic missing. We saw the Reverse-Flash ring back in Season 1 of the series, but Barry Allen, who keeps his suit hidden in his ring at all times in the comics, had yet to use that particular element on the series.

    Until now! Finally, the studio debuted a trailer for the movie at SDCC But all of that pales in comparison next to our first look at King Ghidorah, Toho's fan-favorite three-headed monster. With a single trailer, the Godzilla sequel easily just became one of the most highly-anticipated movies of We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line with your interests.

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