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~ On the Trail ~
Playing on the other side of the world

Colin Earl: It went under. I worked there for five years, and shortly before it went under, I had left to join another startup where I was a product manager and software engineer.

Sramana Mitra: Help us through this early part of your journey in Silicon Valley. It sounds like you were working for a bunch of different startup companies.


What were some of the significant moves there and how does that bridge us to your entrepreneurial story? Colin Earl: It was at the second startup that I was working for as an engineering team manager when something happened that really started me on this journey.

It was an engineering meeting. The VP of Engineering stood up in front of the assembled crowd and announced that the product was going to be shipping in two weeks. There was going to be a million dollar marketing launch the following week.

Four Jazz Giants

Two thoughts occurred to me immediately. The first was there was no way in hell that the product was going to be bug-free in two weeks. It was rotten with bugs. In my estimation, it was going to continue for about another six months. The second was that nobody was going to raise their hands because it would have been political suicide to speak the truth.

The third thought, which came some hours later, was that the real problem was not that the VP of Engineering was an idiot. The real problem was there was a conflict between the interests of the employees and the interests of the company. Scale back.

Earl Morrall of the New York Giants with fans #3 :: Photographs

This is the rule. A classic example of this is, of course, the fact that sales people lie. On the other hand, whenever i come to think i dislike him i keep thinking my judging him is a tad anachronistic?

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