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We also offer a variety of workshops, all with the intent of helping you live your best life! Join us! Are you tired of the same old issues coming up for you, again and again? Is it time for you to step into who you really are? Do you know that you are a Treasure of Unlimited Potential? In this workshop, we will explore your authentic self using simple yet profound techniques to uncover your path to happiness.

We will be working with energy and spirit in new and exciting ways, getting your creative juices flowing so that your own story begins to emerge within you from an entirely new perspective. Please bring a sack lunch, notebook and pen plus a pillow and yoga mat. Pre-registration required. Registration is via PayPal. Click HERE to reserve your spot. Please bring a bag lunch, notebook and pen, plus a pillow and yoga mat. Join us for a day in Snohomish of experiencing the magical role horses can play in our Happiness , Health and Healing! Connect with horses, heart to heart, while receiving their gifts of insight and awareness!

These gifts can help you begin to understand and appreciate yourself and your own innate gifts more fully. Through working with the horse, discover how you already possess the capacity, in your own life, to direct change for the better! Susan has studied with top healers and energy experts to develop her unique SoulPrint reading skills and profound healing practices.

After many years of watching a case of domestic violence unfurl itself before my eyes, and having no way in which to extricate my loved one from its jaws of slow and steady death, blessed release has, at last, come, as she walked away. Few believe the Universe is totally good, that it is always conspiring to heal us, that it choreographs all our experiences for our highest good.

I am one of those.

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Please uncover within me the dark strands of wariness and distrust that lie within my being. I am aware that they are there because of my painful past experiences of the perceived betrayal of my inner trust. I felt that my fear and anger, and the resultant shutting down of my trust, were necessary for my survival at the time. I forgive myself for closing my heart of pure love, as I realize that pure love is actually my true nature. Help me to look at those closed areas of my innocence and the dark strands of distrust that lie within me.

I use the light of my consciousness to move toward surrender, gently, as a flower bud opens to the light of the sun. I realize that this may mean, at first, gathering the courage to simply touch the edges of that distrust within. Tag Healing.

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Learn Reiki. Heal Yourself and Others! Come relax and rejuvenate with a crystal bowl soundbath. Your Entryway to Bliss We will begin with each of you lying on a yoga mat, comfortably. Minor chakras are located in the palms of the hands, soles of the feet and at each joint, as well as at locations along the meridians of the body. Color: Red. When this chakra is unbalanced, it can result in promiscuity, blind creative drive, or conversely it can create apathy or withdrawal from creative endeavors or sexual expression.

Location: the genitals. Color: Orange. An unbalanced solar plexus chakra will result in being underdeveloped, immature, overly sensitive, in blind rage and raw animal-like emotions, i. Location: solar plexus. Color: Yellow.

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When this chakra is unbalanced, the result can be a demanding, possessive nature, especially in love or one who is paranoid and codependent. Location: heart.

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Color: Green or Pink. When this chakra is out of balance, a person may be overly aggressive and dominant, talk too much, use speech to attack and hurt others, or be egotistical telling herself she is, perhaps, more than she is ; or in the inverse, be too timid to speak up for her rights or express her own thoughts, or live in denial of things which or situations which are harmful to her not communicating with self. Location: throat. Color: Blue.

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  • Location: third eye just above and between the eyebrows. Color: Indigo. When it is unbalanced, one may lose touch with reality, become mentally unbalanced, or feel spiritually abandoned. Location: top of the head. Color: Violet. Color: Earth tones.

    It can be called on to provide support, guidance, healing, love, and energy. Color: Brilliant white. All these energy centres are connected with each other through a central channel Rainbow Bridge that runs from above the Soul Star Chakra to below the Earth Star Chakra. The purpose of this system is to create a mechanism that on an energetic level can manifest the divine into the physical plane. It is very important to keep your energy bodies cleaned and maintained in good health. And because our environment is so filled with dirty and negative energy, this requires daily attention.

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    The Spiritual Waterfall technique is used to cleanse your energy bodies of loose negative energy and debris. It can also be used anytime you are around other people and start to feel that your auric field is picking up a lot of negative or dirty energy. You can physically clean your energy field by taking a bath with either Epsom salts or healthy salts such as Hawaiian, Himalayan, or sea salts.

    In a shower, you can rub the salts over your skin and then rinse them off. People who eat a vegetarian diet have a greater degree of sensitivity and usually do not attract so many negative psychic conditions or parasitic entities as does the meat-eater. When you eat animals with cells embedded with negative emotions, you are taking those emotions and adding them to your physical body, thus lowering your vibration and diminishing your sensitivity. It is easy to see why a society that eats a diet such as this would fearful, violent, and unevolved spiritually.

    This is a rapid method for thoroughly cleansing dense or negative energy from your chakras, physical body, and auric field. Imagine all of that energy being burned to ashes instantly as with a super-hot white laser-like flame. See the purged energy draining deeply into the earth and being absorbed there by the entities that use this form of energy. This is actually your Etheric body.

    Imagine all of that energy being burned to ashes instantly as with a super-hot white laser-like energy. Repeat this step using a hot red and yellow flame to burn off the densest, lower vibration energy.

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    Your body should be bright and shining. If not, repeat the process. This is a quick way for removing energy hooks and objects and most dense and negative energy in your auric field and chakras. As this ring of light moves down your energy field, visualize it using a laser-like circle of brilliant light to burn away any dense, negative energy or energy hooks. The human body is host to literally millions of other organisms, it is quite literally an ecosystem where many organisms coexist and generally benefit each other.

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    Your energy bodies are similar in that other energy organisms, which we refer to as Energy Life Forms E. When this happens, it is important to pull the E. The energy net is an easy and powerful technique that can also be used on yourself, other people, objects and animals to rid them of E. Command them to freeze and not resist—they must obey. This vortex is a conduit to other dimensions.

    When you fold your arms across your chest you shut off your energy field from other people.