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Starkville Mississippi ENT

We see children and adults of all ages. What You'll Find Here Please browse our site to learn more about our doctors , products and the services we offer. You can even print out Patient Forms to bring to your initial visit or Post-Op Instructions as needed. Please bring Photo Id and Insurance Card to your visit.

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We also accept Medicare. We have Care Credit for patients interested in hearing aids or to extend the payments on their copay or deductible for more than 90 days. How does it affect us? It is obvious that most of us are not aware of the adverse effects it has on the health and productivity of human beings and hence we chose to ignore its existence or presence in our society.

Dr Hariom Sharma MBBS, MS ENT Specialist

I am sure knowingly or unknowingly, each of us contributes to noise pollution every day whether it is by way of unnecessary honking of our vehicles, playing loud music or operating some form of machinery. Exposure to high levels of noise can lead to : Ear problems like: Hearing loss, Tinnitus ringing in ears Systemic problems like: Hypertension High blood pressure , ischemic heart disease, increase in our stress levels, insomnia sleep disturbances , Migraine or headaches Psychological effects like: increased annoyance and argumentativeness, aggression, increased distraction, reduced motivation for work.

All these can be a cause of decreased work productivity and changes in our immune system. Noise pollution also affects animals in decreasing their acoustic sense which in turn can affect their sense of navigation or interaction within the community. Studies have shown that noise pollution also affects their reproductive activities. Cargo ships which generate high levels of noise underwater can affect animals like Whales which depend on sound for their communication.

Are you amongst those millions of people who wake up with runny nose, sneezing and nose block? Sneezing is one of the commonest symptoms of Nasal allergy.

Nasal itching before an attack of sneezing is common and a sign of nasal allergy. Sneezing is actually a protective mechanism of your body considered to expel the unwanted allergens, bacteria or viruses along with the mucus from your nasal cavity.

Starkville Mississippi ENT

Other than Allergic Rhinitis, common cold and sinus infection may also be the cause of your sneezing. Irritants like pepper or strong perfumes may also cause sneezing. In Allergic Rhinitis, the nasal discharge is usually watery, which may turn into mucoid nasal discharge later.

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It may turn thick and purulent if it is untreated and complicates into Allergic Sinusitis. Nose Block is another common symptom of nasal allergy causing Allergic Rhinitis and is because of Odema or swelling of the nasal mucosa or hypertrophy of the nasal turbinates. It is important to note that if you do suffer from this symptom, do not be tempted to use Decongestant nasal drops to relieve you of the Nasal blockage as continous use of the same may lead to a condition known as Rhinitis Medicamentosa which may lead to a permanent nasal blockage if the drug is not withdrawn. Itching of the eyes, Itching in the nose, watery nasal discharge, nose block, sneezing are all recognizable signs of Allergic Rhinitis and you need to consult an ENT doctor near you for management of the same.

Anti Histamines either oral or as a nasal spray are used by the ENT specialist for the relief of symptoms of nasal allergy. Oral steroids or Intranasal steroid sprays are also commonly used for the treatment of nasal allergy. Generally your ENT doctor will prescribe you one or both of the above or a combination of the above medications depending on the severity of your condition. Nasal allergy tests are a part of the investigations for Allergic Rhinitis which your ENT Specialist will prescribe if needed.

Nasal Allergy tests like complete blood count, serum IgE levels, Allergy testing can be done on an outpatient basis by your Ear Nose Throat doctor, if necessary. New research in the treatment of Allergic Rhinitis consists of use of Probiotics in Allergic Rhinitis, as also use of Immunomodulators in allergic rhinitis is recommended by some ENT doctors. Immunotherapy in Allergic Rhinitis is also available as a part of treatment for Nasal Allergy.

Not necessarily. There are many causes of weight gain like lack of exercise i. Thyroid hormone abnormality like hypothyroidism i. Decrease in the production of thyroid hormones by the thyroid gland can cause you to gain weight. The weight gain is generally unexplainable and occurs inspite of a decreased appetite. It is associated with other symptoms also like fatigue, muscle weakness or muscle aches, feeling sluggish 3. Sensitivity to cold 4. In females, there may be menstrual irregularities 5. Skin can be dry and itchy and there can be hair loss 6.

Other symptoms like feeling depressed, constipation or decrease in concentration can also be noted. Tonsils are lymphoid tissues in the oral cavity which provide immunity in children till the age of 5 years. Do you have an ambition for innovation? Want to make a difference? You will work with some of the leading world brands….

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Rules in identical posts. ENT Surgeon. Ear, nose, and throat specialists, also known as otolaryngologists or ENT specialists, are responsible for surgical and medical treatment of the ears, nose, and…. Functional Payment Expert. CGI Group, Inc. Talented, versatile hands on Functional Payments Expert, devising and delivering cutting edge innovative payments solutions.