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If you just make better use of peripheral vision, reduce fixation time and duration, you are not missing ANY content whatsoever. The speed then, is up to you. Yep the peripheral vision is key to the boost in reading speed while retaining same comprehension.

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Speed reading helps me find those key points more quickly, and if I want, I can slow down for comprehension at such key parts of the text. It should make my work much more efficient, and I plan to teach my children this in homeschooling. It impedes their performance significantly, in spite of their being highly intelligent.

Four to six months of training fixes it. Would mind sharing with us what is the precticing routine you have used with them in these 6 months? Btw, have u ever tried or heard any feedback on other famous speedreading techniques?

Using this approach on the Made to Stick book, my wpm went from to Those techniques leading up to the second testing, definitely train the eyes to move more efficiently. About two years ago, I did a similar but much less documented program, which drastically helped. Keep it up! Thanks for posting this Tim. Many people have started suggesting speed reading to me since I am starting grad school in the fall. God I wish I learned some of these techniques in time for University. Way too much time wasted on reading crap I needed just for an exam.

Thanks Tim. I unconsciously do some of these techniques, however, I need to take the time and learn the proper ones and really start cooking. Its like you read my mind! Have you gone beyond these steps mentioned and focused on other resources for further mastery? And as the poster Tyler asked what are your thoughts on photo reading?

I tested PhotoReading when it first appeared on the scene and was being advertised heavily on TV. I have yet to meet anyone who can demonstrate it live and then undergo any type of comprehension or recall testing. Here are my experiences: At the moment, I am testing myself. One night I dreamed of the pages. In my dream I was able to see the pages but the Text was not sharp, so I was not able to read conscious within my dream.

Sometimes I imagine without timestopping , that speedreading goes faster when photoreading ahead. Sometimes when speedreading I rerecognize pages and know that I have seen them before. For the time being, I will continue to be very selective about what I read low-information diet to minimize the time spent with reading. Reading a book by A. Huxley about the art of seeing, in which he describes how he manged to heal strong his seeing problems, I figured out that while trying to photoread I had the wrong focus with my eyes.

While learning the photofocus I tryed to reach a visonable expression like described by Scheele in his book. Actually I figured out that I did not focus on a thing which is farer away than the book. Instead my visual focus was set up for seeing things very close. To test if you do the same mistake you can use a pen and move it infront of your eyes while beeing in the wrong photo focus. If you see the pen shark, I think, than you do it wrong.

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I will give it an other try after having learned to focus in the distance. What might improve my eyes too as Scheele describes too. Next to the exercices of the bates method. The experiences I made with sunlight concerning the Bates method, are positive. At least in the moment just after the exercise. It really depends on what you are reading.

Sometimes it is necessary to slow down and let your mind and emotions catch up with what you have read. Not everything should be read quickly. It is somewhat akin to inline skating through the Louvre.

Why pray - and how? Kate Braestrup guides BEGINNER'S GRACE

Sure you can see everything 10 times as fast, but you miss details along the way. Speed reading is basically scanning. With that said, I had a professor once who could scan long reports in seconds and give detailed feedback. Maybe I just need more practice. Thank for the great post. I just did the exercises in the article. Wow, great tutorial. Great post…as always. I practiced photoreading quite a bit in college while cramming for exams.