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Schools shouldn’t be relying on parents to teach reading.

Read Assure takes advantage of the best asset all children have in abundance: tremendous brain power hungry for challenges.

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Children as young as four have successfully mastered reading English through phonics using Read Assure. The ability to read raises children's confidence and leads to a love of reading and the desire to devour ever more challenging material. Parents have recognized that starting their children on the road to mastering English gives young learners the necessary tools to become active and engaged players in an increasingly competitive world.

Read Assure provides an entry point by which young learners can pick up any English book - from picture books to more challenging works - and read them with delight. Having tried and tested this volume on numerous children with great success, the author can say without hesitation that this may be just what your child needs to develop a lifelong love of and proficiency in the English language. Currently residing in Japan, Everett has had the privilege of teaching the whole spectrum of learners, from children as young as four to seasoned business executives.

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The writing of Read Assure arose out of the simple observation that many of the methods by which children are taught to speak English miss the point, especially when these children do not have the benefit of regular daily interaction with native speakers. The results obtained from the use of this book have been nothing short of spectacular and it is hoped that parents and teachers who are determined to bequeath the gift of English mastery to young learners will find in this book just what they need.

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Buy As Gift. Overview Read Assure takes advantage of the best asset all children have in abundance: tremendous brain power hungry for challenges. Product Details About the Author.

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Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. The Curious About Phonics Learn-to-Read program can help your child master the basic phonics skills that are the building blocks for a lifetime of reading and learning. These twelve books introduce a carefully selected progression of letter sounds; there are View Product. Theme: Hi-Lo, emergent, teen content, full-color, teacher support. Set Includes: 1 each of 8 titles Set Includes: 1 each of 8 titles in Level 5 TERL Phonics has been developed specifically for emerging teen readers who are developing their decoding skills.

Written at emergent and beginning reader Take for instance your program, it is designed for children that are young but well beyond the toddler years. This program probably is very successful because it is designed for children of an age that have he capability and the desire to learn.

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YBCR is a program for children that don't have the ability to even walk away or provide feedback or even display their emotions or thoughts. There are developments that they still have yet to display before taking more drastic efforts to teaching your kid to read.

Again don't misconstrue my words. Not saying don't teach, you can actually read my words and keep it at a literal translation into your mind, I'm saying to mentor and have a meaningful relationship. Parents put so much pressure on their kids now that they lose out on their opportunity to build meaningful and loving relationships with their children. How many students end up making more of an emotional connection with teachers than with their parents?

More than enough. There is so much to say about his topic that 4, charactors is not enough to get a complete thought out. You as an educator should agree that this is happening. It's not about wether or not parents are trying, we know for the most part we all are because we want our children to excell. The thought we need to take time out to really determine what the losses and gains ardor trying to force something on our children at too young of an age.

You pointed out that even with some parents best effort some kids are still passed up by their peers. That's the point. Some children will be better than others no matter what you do. The children will either be capable of learning quickly or they won't but at some point if there is no disability they will all get to the same end. Every brain is different and sometimes if you try to force something it might have negative effects.

This just needs to be taken into consideration. If you have a hole that is three inches in diameter and you try to put an object through that hole that is three an a half inches in diameter there is a potential to damage either the hole or the object. You can't expect every hole to stretch to compensate the object, some may have that capability but some won't stretch, they will break. Understand this is a direct metaphor for the flow of knowledge and the size of the hole is the childs natural ability level.

There is no problem matching the size but when you over do it it can have negative effects and I am now willing to take any chances, I refuse to gamble with my son.

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It tries to autotype. Just like the point of this topic sometimes something that is good can be a bad thing too. I think you comments are very helpful Alexander, thank you for taking the time to understand what I was saying and not saying and for adding your own perspective on the topic. Thanks also Jodi for your contribution which as usual is excellent. I agree with most of what you say but I'd want to add a couple of qualifiers. For example, your comment that "Teaching children early, in a small group setting or a one-on-one setting, is a guarantee for reading success in school.

Everything else is second best in the preschool years, especially under 2 years. However, I do agree that small group and excellent preschool education is the best chance that some children have for school success given the different family situations that children face. I'm also not too sure that many of the children held back by parents are 'normal' children.

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This isn't my experience in Australia. The default is that most parents want their children to go to school, hence some children with learning difficulties, language delays and emotional problems are sent to school too soon. Anyway, thank you to both of you for making such a positive and helpful contribution to the discussion. As a parent who has used the YBCR system I am amazed by the tremendous ignorance exhibited in so many of these posts. No, I am not an educator, but I am educated.

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And unlike most that have written here I do have years of experience actually using YBCR with my daughter. Let me address a few of the more common fallacies: 1 - Regardless of how YBCR may be marketed, the system does require more than simply plopping your kid in front of the telly. If you were to actually read the information provided with the videos or on their website you would know this. This reading program is only one more tool that a parent can use to help stimulate their child.

We used the reading lessons as a way to bond with our child. Even though our daughter now 3 can read books independently, she still loves to spend time every evening sitting in our laps to read books with us. She does not watch ANY television. Titzer's research showed that children best learn to read in much way that they learn spoken language, by associating the written words with the object, action , or image that the word represents.

Kids learn to talk by hearing us say words and associating the words with what they see. YBCR does the same with written words. From exposure to the written language children will naturally learn the patterns and will soon develop the ability to recognize those patterns to new situations. Seeing our child gain the ability to read any word, even words she has not seen before, well before the age of 3 has convinced us that this is a far superior way to learn.

Reading English - Best Phonics practice for Kids

I have yet to see anybody back up a claim that children are harmed by learning. If this were the case then maybe we should try to prevent them from learning to talk until a certain educational-establishment-approved age. Why not take advantage of the young mind's amazing ability to learn? Learning to read at a very early age makes reading very natural thing for a child to do and allows them do perform better at everything else that they attempt.

We began interviewing schools a few weeks ago in anticipation of getting my daughter started in a Pre-K program within the next few years. Our primary concern was to find a school that would continue with the head start that we have given our daughter rather than stunting her growth.