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The 8-Hour Workday Is a Counterproductive Lie

It tracks everything I do on my computer and shows me how long I spend working each day, and what I actually do during that time. I recently had an exceptionally busy and stressful week of work, as I was finishing a long magazine feature and writing a quick-turnaround science news story about a technical topic. Trying to do both those things at the same time was definitely too much work.

I know this because I felt awful—depressed, anxious, eating poorly, and not exercising enough—during this push, and because I got sick immediately after it was over. When I looked at my RescueTime stats from those days a Wednesday to a Monday; freelance schedules are weird , it turned out I had worked a total of 35 hours and 17 minutes.


My productivity was high at an average of 84 percent, but not particularly unusual according to my RescueTime weekly reports. I thought it was eating my days. I never worked eight hours in single day, though I got close a few times, clocking over seven hours on three days. Still, this was more than I usually worked.

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For comparison, during a typical week in October with no big deadlines, I worked 27 hours and 11 minutes, with 82 percent average productivity. Usually, RescueTime records me doing between 20 and 30 hours of computer work per week. Admittedly not all my work takes place in front of a computer, but enough of it does for this to be a helpful metric.

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It turned out that no one was regularly working eight-hour days. Everybody was more in the five- to six-hour range.

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And until we shared that with each other, everybody was secretly feeling guilty and lazy about it. Many of us in that group are freelancers who work from home. It has been buried for a thousand years.

At the dawn of the French Revolution, when soldiers are looting the abbeys and monasteries, the set is dug up from an abbey in the Pyrenees and scattered around the world. This begins a year-long chase across the globe— from the s of the Revolution to the s of the OPEC embargo — with 64 characters, 32 historic and 32 modern all seeking the pieces in a giant chess game that forms the plot.

The Eight was an instant bestseller in 12 languages.

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