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The Rainbow, with Imogen Stubbs, is not my "cup of tea" as stories go but a story of a young woman's sexual realizations. Zoe's performance is fabulous!!!!

The Widowing of Mrs. Holroyd: A Drama in Three Acts

Holroyd" is a heavy drama, well acted, strong in character use, and what the BBC has become masterful at making. Lizzie Holroyd is played by Zoe Wanamaker who hates her lot in life, mainly putting up with her drinking, pit working, womanizing, husband Charles. Colin Firth is Charles, and today a very well-known actor.

Firth usually now plays the nice guy rather than this character type. Not may laughs, but a good indication of life around the pits of industrial England long ago. The story reminds me of the 15 outstanding 5-star Catherine Cookson books put into film. It is a full length, three hour, 3-part story of Ursula Brangwen.

The Widowing of Mrs. Holroyd | D. H. Lawrence, Edwin Bjorkman, John Worthen

The title is "The Rainbow" and is all about Ursula, born to be loved, and her strong desire to possess love. As Ursula states, she "must be swept off her feet" and will let anyone have her for that. Imogene Stubbs plays Ursula looking for love in all places. You will spend the entire 3 hours hoping Ursula will find that true love. And you will enjoy her journey. This period movie, early 20th century industrial England again, is unrated but expect ample nudity with Ursula's frolics with the soldier on the beach and bed scenes with her female lover.

There is much more beautiful story than naked sex, and this movie makes this DVD a bargain price. In when D.

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Lawrence wrote "The Rainbow" it was tried and found obscene, banned and burned, but if released today would probably become a top-ten bestseller. Well, Mrs. Holroyd did.

Review - D.H. Lawrence's The Widowing of Mrs. Holroyd Makes a Rare Appearance at The Mint

She was furious with her husband for many things: his unceasing womanizing even bringing prostitutes to their home ; his abusive and foul treatment of her and the children; his selfishness and coarseness. She thought she could no longer face a bleak future of more of the same.

Now Mrs. He began it as an unknown and almost unpublished writer in London, influenced by the suggestion of Ford Madox Hueffer that he should concentrate on the lives of the working class he knew so well Lawrence had been born in Eastwood in Nottinghamshire; his father was a miner at Brinsley colliery, about a mile to the north. Lawrence completed a draft of the play in , but could do nothing with it in spite of the support of his friend and adviser Edward Garnett, reader for the firm of Duckworth who would eventually publish the play in England.

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