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I was hanging on the edge of my seat and absorbing ever word of this book. It's fantastic! Once again, I will not go into plot details because a. So make sure to check it out!!! View all 5 comments. Sep 07, Jemima jamir aka Sentranced Jem rated it really liked it. I am absolutely,thoroughly satisfied with how things played out. I really enjoyed reading the Perfect Duet This book was heartbreaking YET sweet and endearing, it had moments of combustable passion The Right Side Of Forever is beautifully written and I for one am looking forward to reading more f faultless!

View 1 comment. That's not a surprise. I've loved this character since book 1 and he's stuck with me throughout. Understanding where he came from to where he is today is impressive. The character development for both of these characters is brilliant. Meghan Quinn excelled in this series of duets. They both exceeded my expectations!! Here's what I loved: As stated above, the characters are phenomenal.

Colby jumps off the page.

He's such a great guyexpectations!! He's such a great guy! Caring, considerate, and gorgeous. He's exactly the type of guy any girl would want to fall for. Ryan is gorgeous, fun, and flirty.

She's the life of the party and a complete joy to be around. They've both been through so much, but persevere. The plot is genius. Though, it was a bit of a double edge sword. I loved the story. It was executed well, but I can't help feeling that it took a long time getting to this HEA. If you've read the full series of duets, that'll make sense. I loved the character growth, the emotional depth of character, and the relationship development between Ryan and Colby.

They both had me running the gamut of emotions. They feel real and relatable. They feelings and traumas are rendered in a way, the reader can really relate. All in all.

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This series has been one of my favorites this year. I highly recommend both duets! Aug 24, Alecia The Staircase Reader rated it it was amazing. Its so good! Alright, lets get started with this review! These two seriously need to get their shit together.

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Ryan has a shit ton of strength for what she emotionally went through as a child and now what she is going through as an adult. Meghan Quinn…. You all, hold onto your hearts. This man is sincere, sexy, and unbelievably swoony. I think I loved Colby even more in this book than I did in part one This fictional man is my undoing.

He went from reformed man with a chip on his shoulder to a laid back man with a slight chip on his shoulder. I legit cried for this broken little girl. And in those moments I started to appreciate my own childhood more and more.