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The place where the wicked go is a place of weeping.

Theasaurus: Weeds

Jesus uses this phrase to describe hell seven times. The weeping seems to refer to everlasting regret. The place where the wicked go is a place where the constant conscious pain causes them to grind their teeth. Hell is a very real place reserved for those who rebel against God.

There is a reward for those who love God! The wheat is harvested and stored in the barn of the Master. God will preserve His saints! They will shine!!! Daniel ESV I have hope in the future. The Bible speaks about bodies being glorified. I know the meaning of that now. It's the time after my death here when I, the quadriplegic, will be on my feet dancing. Joni Eareckson Tada, quoted by John R.

Even the smallest things have great potential 1. Matthew B.

What God Does with Weeds

The mustard seed grows to be between 12 and 15 feet tall — in one season! Great blessing comes from a small beginning 1. It is surprising that something so small could grow large enough to be a place of nesting for birds. In the same way, the kingdom of heaven began small and will grow to be a great blessing to the whole world. The second edition of the World Christian Encyclopedia Oxford University Press, reports the following statistical estimates:Christianity has become the most universal religion in history with believers today composing a majority of the population in two-thirds of the world's countries.

Christianity began and ended the century as the world's biggest religion with million believers or There are million people in U.

B. Satan only wants to destroy the work of God (:39)

Christian groups. The influence of yeast spreads persistently 1. Given time and the right environment, yeast spreads with no limits except the boundaries of the dough. The Holy Spirit nurtures the word of God in lives. The kingdom of God spreads from one person to another B. The influence of yeast is pervasive 1. But I digress. I tend to think of weeds as those losses in our human lives — some profound, some very painful, some more painful than we realize.

These kinds of losses are the big stressors in life such as mourning a death, divorce, moving, changing or losing jobs, and facing physical diminishment. There are other losses in our lives which we tend not to think of as losses.

Any time we experience rejection it is a loss. Graduation brings a loss even though it might be an occasion for celebration. What are some weeds in your life? What is unwanted or a nuisance? What is messing up your human controlled setting? What is undesirable that keeps showing up? Since weeds tend to inhibit the good stuff, what is stopping the growth you would like to see? Or, are your weeds like dandelions? Are they perennial? Do they have medicinal qualities?

Dandelions tend to just pop up on a regular basis. No one thinks twice about it. Looking at your past, do you ever see the things that seemed like weeds at the time but actually have become beautiful domesticated flowers? Is God hand-weeding your soul?

What about the weeds in God’s world? (Matthew ) – Seeking the kingdom

In cooperation with God, are you rooting out your own weeds? Do you remember the passion that came with those first years of salvation? I wanted to read the Word and know Him more and be in His house anytime I could. Then t here came a season of rest from the initial passion.

Through that season, the ground became unyielding Hosea Weeds began to take root — mixed in with the Spiritual plants God had sown. I sometimes forget that I have a very real enemy! He is often sowing seeds in the nighttime.

2 thoughts to “Are You Watering The Weeds In God’s Garden?”

Well, some of them are obviously sin… but others are subtle and look a lot like the plants God started. How can we tell the difference between the weeds and the plants Galatians 5: ? We have to be in the Word! Those are the things that make life joyful, hope filled and abundant! Back to the Parable — Matthew :. We are each a planting of the Lord. God is cultivating a bigger garden filled with smaller gardens. Each smaller garden is in a different part of the process of growth.

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Just as the enemy sows weeds in our personal hearts, he sows weeds into the body of Christ. I probably looked like a weed during my youth.

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  • Are You Watering The Weeds In God's Garden? - Hope Joy in Christ.
  • The lesson from One Gardener to another … Be patient with the process; Gardens take time, love, and perseverance. Are there weeds in your hearts garden? Be patient with yourself in the process and stay in the Spirit. Do you see weeds in your church?