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6 Benefits of Praying Together as a Family

When our schedule leaves out the power of companion prayer, this power remains untapped. When women come together to call out to God, divinely-sized things happen. God hears when righteous people pray. At first, it may sound like we have to be holy to be heard. Will people evaluation or judge my prayers?

The Power of Praying Together

The good news is Jesus covers us with his holiness, so we can be heard just as we are. Rescued from our sin separating us from God. Sin gets in the way of prayers being heard by the Holy God, so He provides a way to overcome that exclusion. Jesus puts His righteous over us and clears the way for our prayers. And speaking of time, fall is a busy time. So does praying with one or more people matter?

What makes coming together to agree in prayer uniquely powerful and worth carving out time? With school starting, we need to manage our time and maximize our prayers. Is there power in praying together? The Power of Praying Together. The steel structure pinning our four year old was heavier than anyone could lift.

When Families Pray

Everyone could hear his life slipping away. No amount of love could free our child. Then the stranger got down to my level in my fear and desperation. The structure began to move enough to reach under and lift our son to rescue. Praying with one or more is worth making time in our schedule.


God will be right there with us to listen and lead our conversations with Him. We invite you to join with other women to pray for our kids, their teachers and their schools this school year. The Bible speaks to a broadness in God's justice, repeatedly calling His people to seek it for the marginalized and vulnerable. Throughout the Bible we are called to stand up for justice and equality, to love our neighbor and to protect the widows and orphans. She met us after church with a gift bag and a hug.

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This was an unexpected gift at a time when our family was adjusting to a newborn foster placement. Praying helps you focus on your spouse and others, too. Praying together encourages vulnerability and grace : Prayers of confession or for asking God for help against a temptation allows you to be vulnerable with each other, and to show forgiveness and grace towards each other. It may feel counter-intuitive but that vulnerability can also strengthen the love and affection you feel for one another.

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Praying together increases trust and intimacy with spouse : Intimacy is built on trust, and trust is built on how we respond to being vulnerable with each other. Praying together helps you show and receive trust that strengthens the bonds of intimacy in your relationship. As you pray and come to agreements on matters, that discipline then builds unity and strength in the marriage.

And prayer is also where you can fight for your marriage together when the difficult days come. Praying together helps your spouse know your struggles and needs better : Praying together about your struggles and worries also helps you both know how to better pray for each other throughout the week because you get to know each other better. And prayer provides insight on how to help and love each other better, too.

Prayer changes people : I really like the quote about prayer from an actor playing C. I pray because the need flows out of me all the time, waking and sleeping. Praying together reminds you that God is the sole source of life, truth, love, and hope : When you pray together, you are focusing your minds, hearts, and marriage on God.

You are making your marriage God-centered. You are sharing with Him your deepest needs and desires, hopes and dreams…together. These are just some of the very best reasons I want to encourage you to pray together, more often if you already do, or starting now if you never have.

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